What is an independent property valuation and its importance?
A Certified Practising Valuer conducts full inspection of the nominated property, undertakes research and analysis of the local market and gives a detailed report on property valuations. A property Valuer also gives information and clarifications on various issues that affect the present market value of the property.

Independent property valuations are of high relevance for different purposes and are tailored to suit your needs like Mortgage security, since they are accepted by all the leading financial institutions or lenders, they are also relevant in Pre-purchase.

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Banks generally require independent property valuations when deciding to lend for property purchases, but under particular instance they may opt for a more restricted, on desk, or computer generated, valuations instead of a thorough standard valuation. The crucial factors that considerably affect a property valuation are the physical aspects of the property, its location, and allied unique elements that impact its value.

Also, the property valuations may well get impacted by the building structure, its condition and any structural shortcomings, its presentation e.g. fittings, access to amenities, vehicle access, pedestrian proximity, off-street parking. The information thus availed is then combined with the data and information on the latest comparable sales in the concerned locality as well as present market conditions to reach at the authentic value of the property.

The things that you can do in order to make the independent property valuation figure a rewarding one is to exhibiting your property in a very organized and orderly manner from the outside, it should also be in proper order and without any mess from the inside. Also, there should not be any half-finished paint jobs, or pending renovations. Doing these small activities will allow the property Valuer to draft a seasoned and authentic independent property valuation that can ultimately increase your wealth.